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Jun 2018: Reusing Compositional Elements From the Tristan Act 3 Prelude, video tutorial. Read more >>
May 2018: Composing with a Pitch-Class Set: the Orchestral Score for the 'Nika Albi' Trailer, video tutorial. Read more >>
Apr 2018: Ninth Chords in the Schillinger Diatonic Harmony System, two video tutorials. Read more >>
Feb 2018: Euclidean Rhythm in Police Precinct Five video tutorial. Read more >>
Jan 2018: Spitfire Audio scoring competition. Two YouTube Videos and One Copyright Claim. Read more >>
Nov 2017: Schubert's Road Sign video tutorial.
Oct 2017: 'Musical Analysis 6th Edition' e-book available. Read more >>
Aug 2017: The 'Pitch-Class Set Tool' explained.
Jul 2017: Video episode 'Seventh Chords' in the composition and arranging techniques playlist. Read more >>
Jun 2017: Video episode 'Symmetric Harmony Nomenclature' in the composition and arranging techniques playlist. Read more >>
May 2017: Statistics and updates. The success of the Film Music Tempo Calculation tool. Read more >>
Dec 2016: Three recent compositions.
Jul 2016: The Film Music Tempo Calculation tool is updated to Version 3.1. Read more >>
Oct 2015: Revision of the Theory of Rhythm e-book. Read more >>

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